Mount Zlatibor, located in southwestern Serbia, is 1,496 metres high and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region.

Zlatibor’s well organised and varied tourist offerings provide a wide range of attractive activities and events. Various kinds of tourist offers can be found, from health and spa tourism, transit tourism, sports and recreation, to festival tourism. In addition to being the host for many congress meetings, the region also welcomes tourists interested in excursions and rural tourism, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Every day, more than 25,000 visitors enjoy their stay in the many villas, holiday homes, excellent hotels and restaurants, using swimming pools during summer and many other facilities available to them.

The mountain has more than 100 snowy days annually, which makes it possible to ski there. The ski centre is located on the highest Zaltibor peak, Tornik (1,496 m) which is the biggest ski centre in western Serbia for alpine and Nordic skiing, with over 10 km of ski routes.

Zlatibor boasts a subalpine climate, which is especially beneficial for healing respiratory problems. The coldest month is January, with an average temperature of -25°C, while the hottest is August, with an average of around 15°C. Mt. Zlatibor’s highest peaks are: Tornik (1,496 m), Cigota (1,422m) and Liska (1,356m).

The administrative centre of Zlatibor is the municipality of Čajetina, and the closest city is Užice.

Air as a medicine

Among other things, the mountain can boast pristine and crisp air as well as low air pressure. A wind unique to the area can also be observed in Zlatibor, where the mountain and sea air combine, making this mountain a health resort. This is why staying in this area has proved beneficial for healing respiratory illnesses, anaemia, metabolism dysfunctions and other conditions which can be treated at the Zlatibor Institute for Thyroid Gland and Metabolism. The core forms of therapy used by the Institute are sessions based on recreational programs and a healthy balanced diet.

Early days of tourism in Zlatibor

The tradition of organised tourism started at the end of 17th century when Zlatibor was considered a fashionable destination for the rich who travelled there to heal both soul and body under the golden pine tree tops. One day in 1893 King Aleksandar Obrenović I had lunch at the spot where today’s man-made lake is located, which is why 1893 marked the beginning of organised tourism in Zlatibor. After King Petar Karadjordjević I’s visit, at the beginning of the 20th century, the first accommodation facilities appeared: the “The King’s Water” hotel and “Čigota” villa.