Tourist offer

Due to its natural riches and constantly increasing offerings, Zlatibor has become an outstanding sports and recreational tourist centre, both for top athletes and amateurs. The season lasts throughout the year. In winter, the focus is on winter attractions not only on Tornik and Obudojevica, but also at Lake Ribničko, which usually freezes and becomes a huge natural ice rink. In summer, Zlatibor is a destination for relaxing in nature, swimming and practicing other water sports organised at the lakes and swimming pools, while in spring and autumn most congress tourism events take place. Zlatibor’s landmarks are its numerous trekking paths, meadows and lookout points.

What to visit

A stay in Zlatibor can be enriched by visiting local sights and nearby places of interest.


Sirogojno is a small village, 30 kilometres from the centre of Zlatibor, where you can visit the old village museum, which features an ethno village with authentic old houses and household objects shown in their natural surroundings, just as they were built and used more than two centuries ago. The village is also famous for its hand-made, internationally famous jumpers. You can round off the experience by tasting local specialties at the ethno restaurant, where guests are served in a traditional Serbian atmosphere, following traditional customs.

Gostiljski waterfall

On your way back from Sirogojno, you can visit the Gostiljski waterfall. The water falling over a 20-metre vertical drop always makes a brilliant spectacle, both in winter and summer.

Stopića cave

En route, you can also visit Stopića cave. The legend has it that the Nemanjićes’ treasure (the dynasty which ruled Serbia 1166-1371) was once buried there. There is a trekking path through the forest leading to the cave.

Foto: Miloš Karaklić

Zlatibor’s tourist offer will be soon richer as the Jurassic Park is going to be built there on a 3-acre site, with 20 life-size dinosaur models placed in a setting resembling a jungle, where there will also be an adventure park with various hurdles, a cinema, an ice-rink, a paintball polygon, restaurants, fast-food outlets, cafes and other facilities making this park one of the biggest amusement parks in Serbia.

Mokra Gora is another place of interest, with the ethno village Drvengrad, built by world-renowned film director Emir Kusturica, 35 kilometres from Zlatibor.

Ribničko lake

Lake Ribničko, the Gondola’s stopover station, is located on the way to Uvac monastery, a couple of kilometres from the urban part of Zlatibor.

The lake is 2,000 metres wide, surrounded by coniferous forest and famous for its crystal-clear water. The lake is teeming with fish, which is why not only trekkers and walkers, but also keen fishermen find it attractive. Swimming in the lake is not allowed, but many visitors can find shelter from the summer heat along its banks. It has everything you need – good accommodation, along with a wide range of recreational activities that can be carried out in a place such as enchanting Lake Ribničko, with its natural beauty and surrounding area – to recharge your batteries!

Map showing the locations mentioned above
Sports activities

Apart from its many trekking paths, Zlatibor is interspersed with numerous biking and trim paths. Activities such as horse riding, paragliding, carting and tennis are available to all visitors.

In the winter, Zlatibor can boast 4 ski routes, Nordic skiing routes and ideal biathlon conditions.



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