11. January 2022
Golden year - 1st Anniversary of the Gold gondola
The Zlatibor gondola has just completed a full year of operation. A year marked by unprecedented success, huge media attention, record breaking, awards and other recognitions that made us proud. The pride of Zlatibor, which in a very short time has become not only the biggest attraction, but also a real tourist flywheel of the entire region. The year that has just passed imposes the need for a small recapitulation of all the significant events we have gone through in the past period. The cold winter morning of January 11th always reminds us of the huge queues of passengers who eagerly awaited the first cabins from the Intermediate station in the desire to grab a piece of Zlatibor's history for themselves. That same day was also a great overture for the grand opening which was planned a few days later. The technical correctness and the overall functioning of this demanding installation as well as the whole system functioning was a serious organizational challenge. The visit of the President of the State required a special protocol, and in addition it was necessary to host ministers, state secretaries, domestic and foreign partners in the project, as well as representatives of local government, but also a large number of interested citizens who are attracted by such events. We bravely went through perhaps the most demanding part of the year, the winter season, and step by step, gained routine, which greatly helped us to overcome even some serious challenges in work, such as rigid epidemiological measures, strong winds, thunder and others disasters that could possibly affect the smooth operation of the largest installation of this type in the world. A large number of TV crews and journalists simply raced to make a report on the longest panoramic gondola. It was breaking news in those days and one of the main topics even today. One of the few installations of this type that works throughout the year, required a lot of time and effort invested in regular and timely maintenance. Regular technical inspections were done every month, which enabled our gondola to work smoothly and with as few interruptions as possible, and the number of passengers speaks directly in favor of that. We really consider transporting 230,000 passengers in conditions of limited capacity due to binding epidemiological measures, which we are very proud of. What makes us especially happy is the large number of transported foreign tourists, especially those from extremely distant destinations, which are on Zlatibor, from year to year, more and more and who did not miss the opportunity to ride through this great attraction. Numerous groups of tourists from India, Pakistan, China and other distant countries have included gondola rides in their itinerary. In addition to them, we had the honor to host the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, the ambassadors of the Czech Republic and Egypt, and a special curiosity was the visit of two active Russian cosmonauts who, despite their extremely attractive invitation, were impressed by the ride and all the beauties Zlatibor has to offer. Famous Serbian singer Ivana Selakov chose the Gold Gondola to record her new video, and the ride through the beautiful landscapes of our mountain has repeatedly inspired travelers and given a wonderful, romantic occasion for several propositions that took place in our cabins. In addition, throughout the year we have not forgotten the humanitarian and socially responsible character that we certainly have as a public company, so we regularly gave our contribution through gift rides to children with special needs, as well as other youngest, supported youth sports games, festival "Licidersko srce ", But they were also patrons of many events. Recognition for our work, work and overall merits in tourism in general, came only a few days ago. Gold Gondola is a proud winner of this year's "Tourist Flower" award, given by the Tourist Organization of Serbia for its contribution to the improvement of tourism and raising the quality of tourist services. This award has been awarded continuously for 36 years, and the Gold Gondola won this prestigious award in the first year of its operation. At the moment, the big annual service and technical inspection is nearing completion, and preparations are being made for the upcoming winter season, where, at the very least, we expect the same interest as the previous ones. Such a successful year, which is slowly behind us, has set very high standards for each following year, and it is up to us to meet those standards and move them up. We are starting the New Year with the goal of setting new records and winning new awards.
03. January 2022
New Year in the "Gold gondola" of Zlatibor
During the New Year's holidays Zlatibor breaks all attendance records together with the “Gold Gondola”. According to the data of the Tourist Organization of Zlatibor our mountain hosted over 50,000 guests for the holidays. Almost spring weather and temperatures lured thousands of people from their apartments and the main attraction was the “golden” gondola. The characteristic winter season queues have been formed since the early morning and a large number of passengers have been patiently standing in line waiting for their cabin. In just four New Year's days, the “Gold gondola” transported over 6,000 passengers. The result would have been far more impressive if epidemiological measures had not yet been in force, halving cabin capacity and limiting the maximum number of passengers to 5 persons per cabin. A special curiosity for the first New Year that we "celebrate" with our passengers is a special holiday offer in the form of two cabins decorated in New Year's attire that passengers could rent only for themselves. In addition to the special features of the cabin itself, passengers who opted for this package were allowed to enter without waiting in line, and a welcome gift was waiting for them at the entrance. Due to the great interest shown by the passengers, we decided that this holiday offer lasts until January 15th, in order to give passengers as much as possible the opportunity to enjoy this special ride.
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