Panoramic ski lift

A stunning view of rolling mountain slopes covered with golden pine trees, after which the mountain was named (the name Zlatibor consists of two Serbian words: zlatni, meaning gold and bor meaning pine), will take your breath away. Its hospitable climate, where mountain and sea air blend together, makes the mountain an ideal health resort.

Currently being built at the Gold Gondola’s starting station is the largest adventure park in the Balkans, which will offer many leisure and recreational activities in the scenic setting of Zlatibor.

Adventure park

This park covers an area of 1,000 m2. One part consists of a zip line, hanging bridges and hanging nets, Tarzan vines, a cobweb rope net, zigzag bridges, beam bridges, surf boarding and sledging. In the other part of the park, dedicated to the youngest visitors and beginners, you can find many interesting and entertaining activities, like climbing a pillar, with specialised equipment to ensure your maximum safety. The third part is the agility polygon including a mini wooden labyrinth with hurdles, nets, climbing objects, logs, balance beams, a climbing wall, and hanging bridge among other attractions. Everything will be painted in bright colours and furnished with imaginative objects, with many eye-catching details, which will help children and other fun-seekers enjoy their time there.

The stopover station will be located a couple of kilometres from the centre of the town, near Lake Ribničko. According to the master plan, this is the site where the Gold City – the centre for health, leisure and sports tourism – will be built.

The terminal station on Zlatibor’s highest peak, the Tornik mountain centre, which is located 7 km from the centre of Zlatibor, is where you will have a great deal of fun. On the Tornik peak, you can enjoy a view of the colourful landscape and spectacular mountains.  

But both before and after enjoying the view, you can try the various activities on offer.

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