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The Zlatibor Gold Gondola Lift, the longest such panoramic lift in the world, is a new tourist attraction. At nine kilometers long, this state-of-the-art air route will connect the center of Zlatibor with the ski center of Tornik, via Lake Ribničko, where a stopover station will be located. The gondola lift will transport 1,200 passengers every hour and the journey will take about 25 minutes. The Zlatibor Gold Gondola Lift, at nine kilometers long, holds the record for the longest gondola lift in the world.

9000m route length
1496m top point
1000/h max passengers
6m/s max speed

Since January 2021 the unique, 9 km long, Zlatibor panoramic gondola lift is operating all year round. The most modern air route of the gondola connects the center of Zlatibor with its highest peak and the ski center Tornik, via Lake Ribnicko , where the Middle station is located. Currently the “Gold gondola Zlatibor” has the capacity of 800 passengers per hour in 72 separate gondolas with 10 seats each. The maximum capacity is 90 gondolas with 1000 passengers per hour. The panoramic journey lasting around 30 minutes will cover an altitude difference of around 530 m. The Zlatibor "Gold Gondola" lift is the longest such panoramic gondola in the world.

This new attraction makes Zlatibor an even more attractive destination, not only for skiers and mountaineers but also for tourists who simply want to enjoy the fantastic panoramic journey to the highest peak of Zlatibor accessible by cableway.

Breathe the new energy

The heart of the gondola is located at the Middle station near Ribnicko Lake, where the development of the „New Zlatibor” project is planned (high category tourism, on over 200 ha of land), while the Final gondola station is at the very top of Tornik, at an altitude of 1496 m. The complete installation was done in accordance with the highest standards of environmental protection and in cooperation with the French manufacturer “POMA”. Respecting the world’s environmental standards the construction of the gondola is in line with the efforts of the Municipality of Cajetina to become the first ecological municipality in Serbia.

Today, the real atmosphere of a mountain stay is almost inconceivable for every demanding tourist without a panoramic gondola, which sails under the clouds and cruises above the most beautiful and well-kept places with ski slopes and winter recreational and sports facilities. Gold gondola Zlatibor offers great excursions to skiers, excursionists, adventurers and all those interested in experiencing an unforgettable view of Zlatibor.

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