Besides organised activities at the Gondola’s terminal station on Tornik, this is also a place where everyone can also enjoy the colourful scenery and a spectacular mountainous view all around. From Tornik peak, you can see many neighbouring mountains and rivers such as Durmitor, Jahorina, the Tara, Lake Ribničko, peaks Čigota and Murtenica, as well as villages Jablanica, Dobroselica, Stubno, Semegnjevo, and the urban part of Zlatibor…

Apart from popular ski routes and winter activities, visitors to Tonik can also choose from many summer-season activities and make their stay there a memorable experience:

  • Mountain biking
  • Trekking paths
  • Scooter and carting rides
  • Tubing path
  • Mini golf
  • Adventure park
  • Multifunctional terrains  


Mountain biking (cross-country)

The routes for cross-country biking:

  1. Ribnica route – starting from Tornik peak, following the pass, and continuing through forest and fishpond paths, then going down a ski route along Stankov stream (macadam, unsurfaced path) – the route is 3.5 km, and is graded 2\5
  2. Beli kamen route – starting from Tornik peak, following the pass, then going past Djurovica cemetery, Ribnica, then again over Beli kamen and Ječmiste (asphalt road) – the route length is 12 km, and graded 3\5
  3. Previja route – starting from Tornik peak, following the pass, and continuing along Tokvica slope, the settlements Ribnica and Ječmiste (road covered with short grass, macadam, asphalt road, unsurfaced path) – the route length is 5.3 km, and graded 3\5
  4. Vidikovac route – currently under construction – it will start from Tornik peak and then go on past Vrščic, along a forest path and the ski route along Stankov creek (macadam, unsurfaced path) – the route grading is 3\5.

This summer, mountain-biking lovers will be glad to hear about the new biking paths awaiting them. Marići path, which has been adjusted to suit the needs of some less demanding recreational activities and those who prefer less steep slopes, is around 3 km long. It passes along differently surfaced lanes, so everyone wishing to take a ride along this route will experience what it looks like to move on different surfaces, such as grass, stone and ground.

The route begins at an altitude of 1,115 metres and ends at one of 1,082 metres.

Apart from this route, there will be a new downhill route, as well as the route for mountain carts. Both routes will run over a macadam surface, unsurfaced road and road covered with short grass. For all those eager to try more extreme rides, some additional hurdles will be set up.

It is possible to rent bicycles in Tornik centre; and as the transport to Tornik peak is usually carried out with a six-seater ski lift, to which special exterior bike racks are attached, it is also possible to transport your bikes too.

Before you start using biking routes, you should learn the rules of conduct for mountain biking, and also sign the statement about risk transfer.

Scooter and carting rides

Try the scooter and carting ride down the children’s path.

Trekking paths

Zlatibor, where mountain and sea air blend together, and the concentration of iodine is very high, makes this mountain an iodine health resort. Trekking paths offer a double dose of enjoyment – the opportunity to take a breath of fresh, pristine air as well as to get to know the countryside better.

Children’s playground

It is the place where fun and friendship begin and develop. A well-organised playground in nature for your little ones to enjoy playing together to their heart’s content!

Tubing path (summer sledging)

Ready, steady, go! Let’s enjoy the ride down the slope sitting on a rubber surface! Go sledging even in the summer!

Alpine coaster

Have fun riding on the roller coaster hurtling through space at breakneck speed. Enjoy the additional adrenaline rush!

Mini golf terrain

For a moment, imagine you are a professional golfer and lose yourself in the beauty of the sport. Organise your own tournament and make the game even more interesting.

Multifunctional terrain

Take your friends to a high-altitude location and have a game of basketball or 5-a-side football, perhaps play tennis. Tornik boasts top-quality terrain for these sports.


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