The Idila hotel

Located just a couple of minutes’ walking distance from the centre of Zlatibor and main bus station, is the Idila hotel. Its modern interior design, alongside its spa and wellness centre offer you the possibility to relax and invigorate your body and mind. The air and natural riches of Zlatibor, together with a cosy atmosphere and excellent service, will make this experience absolutely idyllic, just as the name of the hotel suggests.

More info can be found on the hotel’s website.

The Tornik hotel

In the vicinity of the lake and urban centre of Zlatibor, there is a hotel named after the mountain’s highest peak. Apart from accommodation it offers other facilities, such as saunas, a swimming pool and restaurant.

More info can be found on the hotel’s website.

Jelena Anžujska ecovillage

Jelena Anžujska ecovillage is located at the very entrance of Zlatibor. Thanks to the natural surroundings, guests can enjoy being in the countryside while at the same time feeling comfortable in their accommodation. Within the village, there is a man-made stream, restaurants, tennis courts, biking and trim routes…

More info can be found on the village website.

Zlatibor Tourist Organisation’s guesthouse

Surrounded by a pine tree forest, placed in the heart of Zlatibor, this guesthouse is owned by the local tourist organisation. Apart from nicely furnished rooms, it also has a congress hall for business meetings and a restaurant.

More information on TO website