Entertainment on the Gondola inspired by world mountain resorts

The Zlatibor Gold Gondola eagerly welcomes the winter season with new attractions and activities to enhance the leisure time of all generations. The influencers in our country were intrigued by what a winter day on the gondola looks like. Riding the longest gondola in the world is an extraordinary experience, and in addition to this, influencers wanted to try an edible souvenir - brunch in the air and a romantic journey.

Prominent guests were impressed, and according to their words, brunch in the air is the best way for tourists to familiarize themselves with the Zlatibor region, as it combines views of the enchanting mountain landscape and traditional specialties made by local producers. Homemade pie, cured meat, homemade brandy, juices, and water portray the authentic Zlatibor cuisine, and the social responsibility of the gondola, which promotes local products, left a special impression.

A romantic journey in a cabin decorated with love motifs has already become a popular idea for proposals, inspiring many to express their love in an original way. According to influencers, this service has added a new dimension, inspiring them to create interesting content for social media.

At the top of Tornik, they experienced a mountain atmosphere on par with world tourist centers. "Wine and art" is one of the favorite activities of modern tourists because it combines creativity, nature, and hedonism. Famous guests, with the most beautiful view from Zlatibor and the guidance of an academic painter, showcased creativity and imagination, with no shortage of inspiration. Staying in a fairytale mountain setting, painting colors, and enjoying hot drinks from the Gondola bar are one of the best ways for Zlatibor guests to create beautiful memories, as concluded by visitors who had the opportunity to be the first to try the latest offerings on the Gold Gondola. This type of entertainment will be available to gondola visitors throughout the winter.

Their enjoyment at the highest peak of Zlatibor was enhanced by hits of foreign and domestic pop music, along with mulled wine and brandy. The daytime party spiced up the winter day with the magic of entertainment at a location not previously known for this type of fun. For the first time this season, visitors at the gondola's final station will be able to experience an atmosphere similar to European mountain resorts. The new café at Tornik offers additional comfort to party enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those who enjoy tasty drinks.

Schedule of entertainment activities on the Gold Gondola:

Monday - Sports Day

Monday is for sports enthusiasts who have the opportunity to learn Nordic skiing during free classes at the intermediate station, with obstacle courses also available.

Tuesday - Zlatibor Tea Party

Tea parties at Tornik on Tuesdays provide a true winter atmosphere on the mountain with warm drinks and a 50% discount offer at the Gondola bar.

Wednesday - Winter Joys

Snow games, building snowmen, ice skating, children's workshops, and the search for the Golden Cone will delight the youngest gondola visitors every Wednesday during winter break.

Thursday - Brush and Glass/Snowy Pot

Art will color Thursday when you have the opportunity to showcase your painting talents. On that day, the preparation and tasting of the most famous Zlatibor specialties will take place at the same location.

Friday (Saturday) - Party at the Top

Starting from Friday, December 29, daily parties at Tornik will take place on Fridays and Saturdays in front of the Gondola bar.


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