The Gondola is a favorite healthy habit

"Every day is Women's Day," is the slogan Gold Gondola celebrates March as a month dedicated to women. Healthy lifestyles and the development of a modern concept of being in nature are continuing this year, showing that the gondola has truly become a healthy habit. These are the values our visitors expect, and we always strive to provide them with experiences that make them feel better.

Modern life has become fast-paced and leaves little time for leisure activities, especially for women who are burdened with work and family responsibilities. We wanted to use our potential as a tourist attraction to provide outdoor fitness training that every gondola passenger can join.

This Saturday, at the inter station near Ribničko Lake, a fitness session was held with professional instructions from Marijana Kutlešić from the Training Center. It was a program of exercises that are performed using only one's own body, and their impact is more than beneficial. Above all, participants had the opportunity to exercise in an environment surrounded by pine trees with a view of the beautiful mountain landscape, that already has a relaxing effect on the psyche. Fitness exercises and stretching exercises lead to an improvement in the general condition of the body by working on the mobility of joints, the shoulder girdle, pelvis, hips, knees, and ankle. Since the exercises can be performed without additional equipment, they are also suitable for practice at home, and light weights can be added as desired.

Inspired by nature and health, this year we plan to make this type of sports activity and recreation more frequent along the Gold Gondola route, which aims to develop a new concept of staying in nature adjusted to modern needs. In addition to our tourist activities, we are aware of our impact and therefore, as a socially responsible company, we always send constructive messages. Our goal is to promote healthy habits, proper nutrition, relaxation techniques, and a culture of balanced lifestyle through our business. The feedback from our visitors shows that we have found the right answer to their needs, and more important, they return to the gondola as a healthy habit.

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