Improvement of the Gondola Operation System

Today, the "Gold Gondola Zlatibor" public enterprise has commenced a five-day training program for employees in the technical sector, conducted by an expert team from the French company Poma. This higher-level training includes the enhancement of skills related to cable car and system adjustments, as well as knowledge of tools, methods, and best practices for operating the cable car system. Supplementary training for technical sector employees will contribute to improved performance and system functioning to better prepare for the upcoming winter season.

"The theoretical part of the training covers the cable car's characteristics and its adjustment, technological capabilities, maintenance, control, system components, and terminal safety. On a practical level, employees will enhance their skills in working with the mechanisms at the stations: checking gauges, adjusting clutches, cable positioning, and more," stated Dominik Rama, the assistant technical department of Poma.

The training will also cover roller adjustments on the line, batteries, end assemblies, grips, sleeves, and roller bearings. In this way, through hands-on experience, a better understanding of cable twisting in the stations, return cable adjustments, and battery support compression adjustments will be acquired.

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