The First Serbian Walking Festival along the Gold Gondola Route

 The public enterprise "Gold Gondola Zlatibor" supported the celebration of the Serbian Walking Festival, which was held for the first time along the gondola route. Over 600 primary and high school students from the Zlatibor district walked from the starting point to the mid-station at Ribnica Lake. Along with socializing and having fun, a message was conveyed about the importance of practicing a healthy lifestyle, sports, and environmental care while promoting the tourist potential of Zlatibor.

Participants walked through untouched natural landscapes along the gondola route, led by a tour guide who presented Zlatibor from a new perspective.

"Gold Gondola, as a socially responsible company, promotes healthy lifestyles, including sports activities. Walking is a free and very beneficial activity for overall health, and it's also easy and requires minimal effort. It found its place in our portfolio of activities for this season. In collaboration with the Association “Sport for All”, we joined this initiative and supported it because we believe that the Gold Gondola route was the right place to hold the first Serbian Walking Festival, which we plan to expand in the coming years. It's crucial that a large number of school-aged children participated, demonstrating the importance of sports. Equally important is that we, in the public sector, promote sports and healthy lifestyles through practical examples," said Bojana Božanić, the director of the public enterprise "Gold Gondola Zlatibor."

Dejan Jovanović from the "Sport for All" Association emphasizes that the Walking Festival promotes socializing, a healthy lifestyle, and international gatherings, following the example of similar festivals around the world.

"Today, we are promoting sports and the benefits of walking because we all know that the World Health Organization has recommended this activity at least three times a week. The event is non-competitive, and people of different generations can participate. With a focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle and environmental protection, we made eco-friendly wooden medals for the participants," said Jovanović.

The goal is for the Serbian Walking Festival to become a traditional event that, in the coming years, will attract not only local participants but also tourists, according to Nevena Majstorović from the Tourist Organization of Zlatibor. She added that this type of event will further enrich Zlatibor's offerings and attract more visitors.

At the Gondola Inter station, participants received certificates and medals with the message that the Serbian Walking Festival will become a traditional event in Zlatibor. The sponsors of the event are the Municipality of Čajetina, the Tourist Organization of Zlatibor, the public enterprise "Gold Gondola Zlatibor," and the Municipal Public Utility Company "Vodovod Zlatibor" in Čajetina.

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