Gold gondola "Tourist Flower" Award winner

Gold gondola is this year's winner of the prestigious award "Tourist Flower" in the category "Organization or individual for contribution to the promotion of tourism and raising the quality of tourist services." The Tourist Flower is traditionally awarded to individuals and legal entities for significant achievements in raising the quality of tourist services, as well as for contributing to the development, improvement and promotion of tourism.

Currently, Gold gondola as perhaps the largest tourist attraction in Serbia, which during its first year of operation aroused unprecedented interest and in an extremely difficult year in tourism in general, marked by restrictive epidemiological measures, recorded huge attendance and transported over 200,000 passengers in one year. With its huge popularity, it has become in a very short time a tourist flywheel not only of Zlatibor but of the entire region.

On behalf of the PE "Gold Gondola Zlatibor", at the solemn ceremony, the award was received today by the director Bojana Božanić and the executive director Milomir Tucović. The award was presented by the director of the Tourist Organization of Serbia, Marija Labović.

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