Zlatibor in the first category of tourist places

The Ministry of Tourism and Youth of the Republic of Serbia declared Zlatibor a tourist destination of the first category. The decision was made after an assessment of the volume of tourist traffic in the previous three years and the determined degree of construction of the communal, traffic and tourist infrastructure in that part of the municipality of Čajetina.

The management of the Municipality of Čajetina and the Tourist Organization of Zlatibor believe that this is another confirmation that all investments in the development of the tourist economy of the municipality and Zlatibor have contributed to Zlatibor being recognized as one of the leading tourist locations in Serbia and in the region, in addition to the fact that the Zlatibor gondola, the longest and species in the world, a world tourist attraction, announced the Information Service of the Municipality of Čajetina.

The area of the tourist town Zlatibor includes three units: Zlatibor center (within which, among others, the sub-units Palisad, Kraljeva voda and Zlatibor shopping center are located), Zlatibor settlement (which includes the settlements of Golija, Sloboda, Jelena Anžujska, Obudovica and others) and Zlatibor periphery (the settlements of Zova, Oko, Karaula, Rujan...).

In accordance with the Law on Tourism, the decision on the classification of the populated place Zlatibor into the first category of tourist places of Serbia was issued with the validity of three years.

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