Meeting new records - Gold Gondola Zlatibor carried 500,000 passengers after two years of operation

The countdown to the millionth passenger has begun

On January 24, the Zlatibor Gold gondola carried the 500,000th passenger, and not just one passenger, but the entire Mićunović family from Montenegro. This prodica is the jubilee guest of the longest gondola in the world, from which the countdown to the millionth passenger starts. From early in the morning, all employees of the Gold Gondola, in a festive atmosphere, were waiting for the moment when they would hear at the point of sale: "Congratulations! You are the 500,000th passenger of the Gold gondola and the lucky winner of the award".

In the previous days, the surprise was carefully prepared, the numbers were monitored hour by hour, every detail was already planned and ready to make one of the passengers of the Gold Gondola a better January day. When the Mićunović family approached the point of sale to buy tickets and go on the ride, they had no idea that a surprise was in store for them and that they would be the lucky winners of the annual ticket. Along with confetti, champagne, sound effects and gifts, they were presented with an award. Smiling and pleasantly surprised, they set off on their planned ride, to the satisfaction of all Gold Gondola employees and with the desire that soon one million passengers will ride the longest panoramic gondola in the world.

Since its opening in January 2021, the Gold Gondola has attracted a lot of attention from tourists and media who wanted to experience Zlatibor from a completely new perspective. It is this unique experience of traveling in the cabins of the golden cable car and the additional facilities at the stations that have created a new touristic image of Zlatibor, which is no longer the same. The longest single-segment panoramic gondola in the world put the most visited Serbian mountain on the global tourist map and set new standards.

Half a million passengers is a great success of PE "Gold Gondola Zlatibor", but also an obligation to continue to improve its service and facilities in order to create an integrated tourist product of the Zlatibor region intended for the needs of modern tourists.

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