Gondola Safety Inspection

In the "Gold Gondola Zlatibor" public enterprise, passenger safety and security are the top priorities, which involve the maintenance of the installation. Currently, the regular annual technical inspection of the Zlatibor gondola is in progress, which includes checking safety systems, brakes, cabins, cables, and all the facilities at the stations, carried out by the Austrian company WPK. In the last two weeks of October, additional training is also being conducted for working on the support pillars and at the station, attended by technical sector employees.

The annual inspection of the Gold Gondola installation encompasses a series of specialized inspections according to European standards, with the most important being the loaded and unloaded braking test. The inspection is adapted to the Poma system, and it includes examinations of the cables, support pillars, and components at the starting, intermediate, and final stations.

"The Gold Gondola installation is a true masterpiece, just like the best ones you can find in Europe. What sets your gondola apart is its length, making it the longest gondola I have worked on so far. The technology of this gondola is on par with the most advanced gondolas in Europe, and the only challenge is the longer time required for inspecting a gondola that is nine kilometers long," said Mark Loehr, the owner and director of WPK Austria GMBH.

Investing in the development of employees is a top priority for the Gold Gondola's operations, resulting in improved team efficiency and higher quality service for passengers.

"Preparations for the winter season and regular annual and semi-annual technical inspections provide an opportunity for employees in the technical sector to receive additional training and enhance their skills. Training for working on support pillars and at the station will last for five days. The workers completed the basic level of this training before the gondola's opening, but now it involves a higher level of expertise. This allows our colleagues to address issues more quickly without consulting Poma experts," stated Aleksandar Milosavljević, the head of the technical department at the Gold Gondola.

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