Gold Gondola supported World Cleanup Day

Under the slogan "United for cleaner mountains", Zlatibor's "Gold Gondola" supported the World Day of Clean Mountains with a waste collection action on part of the gondola's route, which was supported by public companies and institutions from Zlatibor and Čajetina.

Participants collected waste in Tornik, branches were spread at the intermediate station, and children from the ecological section of Elementary School "Dimitrije Tucović" and KK "Rujno" planted thuja, bulbs and ornamental plants.

- With the desire to symbolically show how much we take care of nature and that the environment we offer to tourists is clean, we pointed out this day. All of us, who participated in this cleaning action, presented to the public our awareness of environmental protection. We don't only do it today, but we take care of it every day with the desire to pass these habits on to the visitors of Zlatibor, especially now that the primary selection of waste has started in the Municipality of Čajetina - said the director of PE "Gold Gondola Zlatibor" Bojana Božanić.

In the joint action of cleaning participated associates from the public enterprises of  the Municipality of Cajetina, children and friends of the Gold Gondola.

This day is celebrated with the aim of strengthening awareness of the importance of mountains, as well as highlighting the possibilities and limitations towards their preservation. Accordingly, various environmental clean-up actions, visits to nature, hiking, research, walks and the like are held around the world. World Clean Mountains Day reminds us how important it is to take care of nature and its diversity.

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